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According to the  4,000 Clients in over 30 countries we've helped so far!


A Proven System for Building Online Businesses

Join the 4,500 entrepreneurs who are using Elite Drop Ship Academy® to start, build, and grow their own highly profitable business online without the headaches or workload from traditional dropshipping models

One Sale A Day Method

With only one order placed on your website a day you will earn a minimum of $300 or more in profits. Clients have generated 6-figure incomes from ONE ORDER A DAY

4,500 Clients In 30 Countries And Counting

We've helped 4,500 regular folks become online success stories using a dead-simple method to profiting from the online eCommerce growth. 

Best eCommerce Course

We've been one of the best Shopify eCommerce courses in the world 3 years running

Elite Drop Ship Academy® was created to give students the knowledge and tools necessary to create freedom through entrepreneurship by leveraging the power of dropshipping. 

Why Elite Drop Ship Academy® ? It's The New Model To Building An Online eCommerce Business With Less Hassle, Orders And More Profits

We focus on selling High Ticket Products that resell for $1,000 and up. One single order generates $300 or more in profits per sale.

Grab $1,000 to $10,000 Sales From One Product

We focus on offering products people and even businesses need year-round for their homes, offices, and hobbies that they'll gladly spend $1,000 or more on

Easy To Create Shopify Niche Specific Stores

No need for large general stores with thousands of products. One to 10 products is all you need to generate 6-7figure sales from a niche-specific audience. Create A Website on Shopify in hours and start getting traffic

Step By Step System Designed To Launch In 21 Days

The Elite Drop Ship Academy Blueprint helps even beginners with no tech or marketing skills go from zero to launching with sales in 30 days or less 

"Nothing seemed to work for me, I always had trouble with the right products, and getting real orders. With Elite Drop Ship Academy, I learned it's easier to sell fewer products at a higher price point with more profits than selling cheap crap from China or selling on Amazon, and it's improved my life immensely."

Tommy King
High Ticket Dropshipper, Client Since 2018

Ready To Launch Your Online Business & Earn $300 Or More Per Sale?

For A Limited Time, I'm hosting A Free Online Masterclass (90 Minutes long): "How I build a 7-figure business dropshipping one product a day on Shopify".


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