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12 Niches for You for 2019

What's up, guys? AJ here. Alright, I’ve got 12 niches for you for 2019 if you're looking to do high ticket drop shipping.

First, if you're into low ticket, if you're selling Amazon FBA, this is not for you. If you're going to China to source cheap products, and do a free-plus shipping, this is not for you.

If you've never been into high ticket drop shipping, then this might be a good starting point- even though you probably know nothing about high ticket drop shipping.

I decided to put together a 2019 12 top high ticket niches that I think you should consider. This is also a good roadmap. It's a good starting point to get ideas from, to start experimenting and brainstorming new niches outside of my 12.

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Alright, without further ado, let’s get started.

Elite Drop Ship Academy is an online training platform I created, but it's more than that. It's not just a course on how to start and make money from high ticket drop shipping. It's also a client-based service. I cater to a lot of people that want done-for-you services, turnkey business opportunities, like our Store in the Box.

I come from the franchising model. I used to own restaurants. So I treat my companies similar to how a franchiser treats its franchisees. And so, keep that in mind with me. The process I'm going to show you right now, and the ideas I'm going to reveal to you in these 12 niches are similar to what I teach my high-paying clients.

So, you're on the roadmap to building a hyper profitable business in the next 30 days, hopefully. But the foundation of your business starts with picking a winning niche. Before we dive in into the 12 high ticket niches, you need to understand what it is you're trying to start.

Building a Brand

You need to understand to be successful in today's hyper competitive world of drop ship eCommerce, you as an Internet reseller, need to build a brand.

And you are an Internet reseller. You’re not a drop shipper. You’re an Internet reseller that's offering drop shipping products to your clients.

This is where everybody gets stuck. I see it so often in low ticket and AliExpress, and with people launching Amazon stores. Some people who are really looking to make money online don't realize one of the most important things: You need to build an actual brand around your store.Your high ticket drop shipping store needs to be a branded store.

Let me explain. One of the main reasons new drop shipping stores fail is because they focus on selling a product, and not building a brand. Building a brand means creating value in your niche to your audience, to your customers.

Being an eCommerce brand that revolves around a niche means offering products and services to help your customers. Why build a branded store? There's several reasons I want to go over.

First off, building a branded store is easier, and allows you to easily target more customers at a cheaper acquisition cost.

Your cost per acquisition, over time, is going to be lower than someone who just sells random products. It will be lower than someone who creates a general store with no brand identity, and tries to target everybody.

Find Your Niche 

When you have a niche-specific store, consider getting into the hobby niche. For instance, water gear for water sports. You should think about selling kayaks or paddle boards- high ticket products, and a specific niche that caters to a passionate audience.

The value of this is when you start running ads, you only have to focus on people interested in that particular topic. So if it's water sports and kayaks, it's easier to target ads specifically for that target audience. This is so much better than launching a general store, and running ads all over the place. Not to mention your costs for running ads are actually end up being cheaper than a general store.

The ability to sell multiple products within your niche becomes more efficient. 

It’s Easier to Work with Influencers

Easily one of the best ways to gain traffic and make more money is to work with influencers. Those people who have large followings on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Influencers can be great for your store. However, influencers want to be linked to a brand- not just stores. It's a lot easier to kind of convince them when you have a brand, and you create real value.

It Becomes More Enticing

One of my favorite reasons, if not my favorite reason, is the value of your store becomes a lot more enticing. I mean the value of your store goes way up, and becomes a more valuable asset when it comes time to sell your store down the road.

Consider Selling

Now, I know you're thinking, "AJ, I haven't even started my store. I'm not thinking about selling it." You should. Why? Because what you're doing, essentially, is not just trying to create income online. Instead, you’re building a business asset you can sell. eCommerce stores are the hottest things out there right now.

When you visit brokerage firms, online brokerage websites like they are saturated now with eCommerce stores because a lot of investors are shifting towards buying online stores that are making money, versus brick and mortar businesses. This is because they understand the value. There’s so much value. You work from anywhere. You create your own hours. You don't need many employees, if any, and you have a better quality of life. The investors want to be involved that without figuring it out. You're figuring it out for them. So you're creating a real business asset.

A branded eCommerce store can resell online for probably 10X more than a non-branded store. Let me break down the numbers, and let me explain what I mean by 10X.

Average valuation for a profitable non-branded eCommerce store online today if you want to go online and buy one of these stores, is 25 to 30X monthly profit.

For example, let's say you have your store right now. You create a store, it's non-branded, snd you're just selling random products. Let’s say you’re making $1,000 a month in profit. The market value for your business asset is going to be about 25 times that $1,000. So, you can turn around and sell your store for $25,000.

Let’s say you're making $5,000 a month in profit. You can turn around at 25X and sell your store for $125,000. It doesn't sound bad, does it? It sounds amazing. However, when you compare it to a branded eCommerce store, you generally can get 35 to 40X monthly profit.

So let's break down the numbers again. Let's say you're only making $1,000 a month in profit. You will be able to turn around and sell that store for $40,000. Or, if you're doing $5,000 in profit, at 40X, you can sell that store for $200,000. That is the value of your business in the marketplace. That is what a possible, potential, future buyer or investor's willing to pay you for a branded store versus a non-branded store. That, in itself, should be reason enough why you should focus on creating a brand when you build a niche-specific store with high ticket drop shipping. 


#1: Home Bars

Now, let’s talk about a specific niche - home bars. I think it's a great one. Home bars are high ticket products that can sell for thousands of dollars. It really caters to a specific niche audience. People who have either man caves or looking at create an entertainment aspect to their home. A home bar is specific, right? It's a niche specific. You're not selling furniture. You're not selling home furniture. That's too general. A niche-specific category is a home bar.

If you want to build a brand around this, you can start offering services and products. A great idea if you're going to sell home bars, is going to be to complement it by selling accessories and items. Think mixers, chasers, shot glasses, wine glasses, etc. Any one of these items you see here are great examples of selling more products to the same customer, but you create more value because you're solving more of their problem.

If you just sell a home bar and you don't offer the accessories, you don't offer the upsells. You’re not helping creating a brand. You're not helping solving a true problem.

Now, if you really want to take your business from some store that's making a few thousand a month to really scaling and becoming a very powerful store that can truly replace your income, then you want to offer services on top of that.

One idea is if you're selling home bars is a monthly subscription to a wine club where they can get monthly delivery of wine. You can do this by partnering up with a wine club subscription service out there that offer affiliate programs. Team up with them so you can offer that service to your members. This is a great way to create recurring revenue, and maximize the amount of revenue you're making per customer. 

#2: Home Fitness Equipment

With home fitness equipment, you don't want to just be a place that sells fitness equipment at home. You want to be a solution. You want to be a brand that solves the problem of not having enough time to work out.

Working out from home solves a lot of problems, and you want to appeal to that problem, and offer the solutions. So you offer workout equipments from home but then you offer more solutions by offering more products to sell.

You should absolutely sell accessories like floor mats, jump ropes, weights, etc. Additionally, you can offer a membership. You can offer an online fitness training program.

A lot of people that work out from home will probably want to buy some sort of how to work out from home video, or some sort of fitness program, right? Some sort of 30-day challenge. You can partner up by becoming an affiliate, and by selling other people's fitness programs that they can use from home. Another great thing to do is to sell supplements or protein powders and workout clothes. These are all great avenues of creating more income. More importantly, it allows you to build an actual brand, which is what we want to do

People that work out from home are trying to get healthier, and lose weight, and become more fit. That doesn't stop at just the fitness equipment you sell.

If you're selling fitness equipment, you're getting traffic, and you're getting customers. One great source of revenue that I strongly recommend, and allows you to create a brand too, is by offering more to your customers.

#3: Trampolines

I love this niche, and not enough people do it. Not only can you sell trampolines that cost a lot of money (and there is a lot of demand for trampolines) but you can also supplement your income by offering more products like add-ons to the trampoline.

Then, there's always a new craze out. Right now there's a new craze on trampoline fitness workouts. If you Google trampoline fitness workouts, you're going to see tons of videos. There's a lot of classes (like real classes) in locations. I am not kidding. Brick and mortar businesses are popping up with trampoline classes (no pun intended.) 

There's a lot of lessons and a lot of videos out there that you can look up. Partner with whoever distributes those videos, to offer these lessons on your website. This is a great example of building a brand around trampolines.

#4: Office Health

Not I don't say “office equipment” because that's too vague. Office furniture, is also too vague. However, if you look at “office health” as a niche, then one of the things that pop up as your high ticket product is going to be standing desks, or desks with cycling machines on them.

Who are these people? They’re folks with desk jobs who are trying to be healthier. They want to be more active. So, offer solutions, then sell a solution to the problem.

Additionally, people that want office standing desks also most likely want to be more productive and organized. So maybe you sell planners. Offering multiple services, products, videos, how-to’s, including the product itself, and the accessories, are all great ways to build a brand. The opportunities are endless when you start thinking in terms of "how can I solve a problem for my customer?”

#5: Mobility Scooters

So, I've actually seen a couple of friends launch mobility scooter stores... a couple. I’ve also kind of funnel-hacked, and visited stores from competitors. I've seen this to become a very good niche, because it's something that's been around for a long time. It's something people need as they age, and disability's a big thing in our country. So, offering mobility scooters is of course not enough. You want to create a brand around this.

You can offer things like umbrellas for your scooters or covers to store your scooter at home. Or you can offer vehicle mounts to be able to lift your scooter on the vehicle. Additionally, considering that your audience for this is going to be older, maybe there's some sort of senior healthcare program you can offer that you can team up with somebody else.

Building a mobility scooter niche store means building a brand around solving the problem for people that need mobility scooters. If you can learn how to solve more problems for that same customer, they're more inclined to come give you money, revisit you, buy from you again, and refer business to you- which is the best part.

#6: Wine Coolers

If you're going to sell wine coolers, obviously your target audience is going to be wine lovers. This is a very passionate target market that are willing to spend a lot of money. These wine coolers can go for thousands of dollars, but then you become the go-to place for wine coolers. You become a brand for wine coolers and wine lovers.

So with this niche, you’d offer complimentary products like a wine bottle cooler, a holder, wineglasses themselves and anything else related to win.

Additionally, something I brought up earlier with the home bars, is you can offer a monthly subscription to a wine club where they get wine delivered to them every month, and curated by some sort of membership site. You can team up, and normally get 30, 50% commission on whatever it is they sell.

This is a great way to, again, build a brand. Wine coolers are really popular and very successful when it comes to producing a niche.

#7: Bathtubs

Believe it or not, bathtubs is a specific niche. It sells for a high ticket, obviously. There's bathtubs that are very electronically advanced, technically advanced. There's a lot of new bells and whistles to it. Then there's basic bathtubs that are just traditional, maybe rustic, maybe antique. Any way you slice it, bathtubs is are a good niche.

Some complementing products you can add onto it would be like bidets, lighted mirrors, maybe bathroom vanities, and so forth. This niche also caters to people who are trying to remodel their bathroom. So be the go-to place for remodeling your bathroom. Your niche happens to be bathtubs, but again, the more problems you can solve for them, the better it is.

#8: Bathroom Vanities

This is similar to the bathtub niche but can be an entire store in itself because bathroom vanities are huge.

One of the main things many people want to replace when they're remodeling their bathroom is their bathroom vanity. From there, you can offer mirrors, lighted mirrors, etc. You can even offer sinks, and there's endless supply of sinks that go for high ticket..

There are other solutions. You can also cross-promote your other store in the bathtub niche. One of the things we do is build multiple niche stores that you can cross-promote products with it. Again, the possibilities are endless. 

#9: Catering to The Business-to-Business Sector

This is probably my favorite niches. This means selling products that serve businesses, not consumers.

For instance, restaurant equipment is a big one. There's thousands of accessories restaurants need like measuring cups, cheese shredders temperature gauge monitors, etc. There’s endless amount of products. Also, you can all offer apparel! You can offer chefs' clothing, waiters, hostess, managers, Polo T-shirts. Obviously, your high ticket product starts with the very high value items that restaurants need- but there's thousands of products you can offer restaurants.

#10: Garage Storage

People, come on… garage. Everyone has a garage that owns a house, right? People need to organize their garage.

So if you're going to sell garage storage units like an eight-piece cabinet Deluxe Garage Workstation that sells for $2,500, you want to sell accessories, and gadgets, and gears that's going to help people solve a problem.

They're not just looking for garage storage units- they’re are looking to organize, simplify, clean up their garage, and make it more efficient and more productive to use. If you can offer services and products around that, that's great.

There are so many products and services that you can offer in your store by building a brand around solving the problem for garage owners, right? This is a perfect niche to get into, to sell high ticket products, and offer solutions for a problem.

Again, if you can offer a solution to a problem within a niche, you're going to make a lot of money.

#11: Travel Gear

This one is interesting. You can offer luggages, but you can also think outside the box. Maybe you cater it to people maybe who are in photography. Maybe you cater it to people who are in the entertainment industry, or maybe musicians. It doesn't just have to be travel gear in general.

You can take travel gear, and make it more niche specific. But this is a good niche. Now, how do you monetize it and build a brand around just travel gear and luggages, right? So like maybe minimalist luggages or luggages for entertainers or musicians or photographers. Another way to monetize this and grow your brand is to offer accessories and features that can help people compartmentalize and organize their luggages.

Keep in mind, people who need luggages need to travel, right? So you can team up with a website like TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor actually has a travel affiliate program that pays you 50% commission.Look into that, team up with them, offer their services in your store, and your emails.

As you re-target people, you become a problem solver to this niche, right? You become a go-to site people can rely on as a brand- to not just buy luggages from, but also to book travel from. You can be a go-to place for that, and it's a really good way to make a lot of money while building a brand.

#12: Grills and More

I think this would be hyper profitable. Now, if you're going to sell grills, you want to build a brand around it. Think about outdoor entertainment, but grill-specific.

Take a Weber grill that sells for $900 (although grills can sell for up to 5, $10,000.) Then, you can add complimentary products. You can offer smokers, and you can offer smokers on trailers so people can take it on the go. And, of course, you want to offer accessories- e.g. grill sets that sell for $150.

You want to be the go-to place for grills. Additionally, I would recommend you hire a blog writer to write you articles on subjects like “10 Tips to Making the Perfect Burger or Hot Dog”, and “How to Entertain Guests”, or  “How to Grill for the First Time.” You want to be a go-to solution for people who are looking to buy grills and replace grills.

More importantly, this is a broader niche that caters to people who are looking to make more out of their backyards, right? Think about products and services that would cater to that. Build a brand around it, and you’ll be allowed to sell more products. This will allow you to offer more services and increase the value of your brand all at the same time.

So guys, this concludes my 12 Niche Ideas. I hope you enjoyed it. If you're not already a member of and our One Sale A Day system, consider joining my community. 

I also have a 90-minute training webinar that I put together, you guys should definitely watch.


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