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4 eCommerce Traffic Secrets That Make Us 7Figures A Year

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

Hey Guys, It’s AJ here again with High-Profit eCommerce and I have a special message for you today. 

If you ever wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes when running traffic to an eCommerce Store that’s hitting over 7Figures a year in sales year after year, then you want to watch this entire video.

I hesitated at first to write this because I knew if I share what we do with a 7Figure Store in terms of traffic, people would try and copy our method.

However, I realized my mission is to help others succeed online and create financial freedom for themselves and their families without hyping them up “on get” rich schemes that don’t work.

Today’s Message is: 4 eCommerce Traffic Secrets That Make Us Over $1Million a Year. 

First, before we begin I need to point out this is something that has taken me over $500,000 in paid traffic to perfect: 

  • Dozens of failed stores 
  • Thousands of hours 
  • Countless sleepless nights

It’s not going to be overly technical, but if you implement what I show you today, you can count on growing your sales by 2 to 3 times what you’re doing now.

If you’re new to eCommerce, this is a great way of understanding what it takes to scale to 7Figures from zero.

And if you know anything about me or My High-Profit eCommerce program you know what sets me and my team apart is…

  1. We don’t sell cheap products.
  2. We don’t sell from china or Aliexpress.
  3. We don’t sell on Amazon. 
  4. We work with USA Suppliers.
  5. We focus on Higher Profit Niches. 
  6. We earn $300 in profit from each sale or we don’t sell it.
  7. We build a real brand online and add real value to our customers
  8. And we don’t start off with running Facebook ads like everyone else. 

So now that you understand this part let’s get straight to the training.

When running ads to your store this can work for you if you have any type of online store selling physical products. 

Most people don’t understand that the biggest brands in the world use something called The Buyer Journey. 

The buyer journey is a scientific process that’s been researched and used by the biggest brands in the world- Amazon, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, McDonald’s just to name a few…

Yet so many eCommerce entrepreneurs don’t even understand it. 

When I got started in eCommerce I thought all I needed was a good product, an online store, and run Facebook ads to interest groups that I thought would be interested in my product. 

I quickly realized this is not the case, and you can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars wasted! 

I discovered the buyer journey after losing $50,000 in ads.

Traffic Secret #1: Start With the Buyer Journey in Mind. 

The buyer journey is a buying process consumers go through before purchasing products or services. 

Step 1: The buyer is in the Awareness Stage

This buyer is not ready to buy yet, he’s just noticing he might be experiencing a problem or a need. He’s going to start doing research. 

Step 2: Consideration stage 

The prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunities. Now they are committed to searching online but not yet ready to buy.

Step 3: Decision Stage: This is where you want to be! This is the gold. 

The prospect has now decided on their solution. The prospect has done their research and searched vendors and competitors online and is ready to buy. 

The problem I had in the past and why I lost $50,000 before figuring this out was I was driving traffic to people in the Awareness stage.

How? Easy, I ran Facebook ads to my expensive products that cost over $1,000 

Now that might seem like a smart thing because everyone is on Facebook...  right? 


People on Facebook don’t have the intent to buy right away. They’re surfing memes and cat pictures and looking at their family's pictures. They are considered Stage 1 in this case.

So to be successful with traffic, I needed to target people in the consideration stage and their decision-making stage. This is where I realized people still go to Google to search for products online! 

Traffic Secret #2: Run Google Shopping Ads: Target The People In The Consideration Stage & Decision Making Stage.

Think about it. When you want to buy something, do you go to Facebook or Google to search? 

Maybe you even go to Amazon too- and that’s good, but amazon runs more Google Ads than anyone in the world. They spend billions on Google Ads. That’s where Google Shopping Ads Come in. 

Google Shopping Ads is the first thing you see when you search for something online that’s a physical product, book or program…


You’re welcome to try it yourself. Google a physical product, and see the first thing that pops up before search text ads or SEO. Yes, it’s google shopping. Bingo. 

This is what the billions of people searching on Google see every day they search for products.

So without deep-diving into the details of Google Shopping (we’ll save this for a different post) let’s just go ahead and put this as our secret number #1 to driving massive targeted quality traffic to our sites. 

The Benefits of Google Shopping vs. Facebook Ads: 

Google charges you only when someone clicks on a keyword they searched for and selects your image from the shopping display ads you see on the top of the page. 

Google will show the customer the image of your product, the price, and link to your store. They will also show comparable stores and prices so if you have the best price you’ll get clicked on more. 

Google Shopping ads always show on the top of every page so you’re always first.  

If you want to learn how to stand out from your competition, get ranked first on google shopping and outrank your competition every time. 

I encourage you to attend my Free Training and look into my High-Profit eCommerce Program. 

When someone clicks on your site from Google they have purposefully typed in a keyword you bid on. They have seen your product pictures and price, so when they visit your site they know in advance what they want and how much it costs. This gives you a highly qualified lead at first visit. 

Facebook runs ads to everyone but they aren’t really looking to buy a product. You might get lucky, but we don’t want luck. 

Facebook ad cost are very expensive and you’re paying per view- meaning even if they don’t click on the ad you still might get charged. 

Additionally, Facebook can ban your ads quickly if you don’t follow strict rules and guidelines on your ads. This is not a great option for trying to sell $1,000 products. 

Traffic Secret #3: Run Facebook Retargeting combined with Google Shopping Ads.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking. AJ, you just told me not to run facebook ads!  

You just bashed Facebook ads and now you’re telling me to use facebook?


But not in the way you think…

You want to run cold traffic through Google Shopping Ads to people in the consideration stage and decision-making stage. 

But, the reality is on a good day your conversion from cold traffic to a buyer will be about 2.5% and on a bad day 1 to 2% from Google Shopping Ads.

Many people just simply won’t buy on the first visit and that’s okay.  Maybe they are still in the awareness stage or haven’t made it to the decision-making stage. Maybe you need to build a little more trust.

The best way to do this is to seem “Omni-Present”  They start seeing you everywhere they go online and you appear to be a bigger brand and more credible. 

We use something called Facebook DPA, or known as Dynamic Product Advertising. 

It’s a feature within Facebook that lets you use a Pixel (it’s a tracking code that let’s Facebook know who visited your site.)

This feature allows you to track people visiting you from Google Shopping and run retargeting ads to them on Facebook and showcase the products they viewed on your site. 

This way you’re only targeting people who have already visited your site, and know about your store, and have researched the product. 

When you combined Google Shopping + Facebook DPA retargeting, it packs a two-punch blow to your low conversion and wins buyers back!

Your first step is to set up a Facebook Business Manager account which is easy to do if you have a facebook profile and you can set up your pixels on your site to track visitors.

Tip: Facebook shows you how to do this if you Google it. Or, you can attend my free training to learn more about what I do and how to get master this process. 

Traffic Secret #4: Email Market Like Crazy: Collect Emails & Send Email Sequences   

Did you know email is still the number one form of communication, and still one of the best ways online to sell anything to anyone? It’s crazy to see how many people miss this and avoid it entirely. 

When someone visits your site, you should make it a priority to collect their emails. You can do this in a few ways. 

When I finally started incorporating and taking email marketing seriously, my sales skyrocketed from six figures to seven figures within a few months. 

#1: Pop-up (place a pop-up box) I like to use a Shopify App called Privey. It’s effective and low cost. I like to place a strong call to action- i.e “Get a Free PDF of The Top 10 Things to Avoid When Buying XYZ.” 

When they opt-in it triggers a sequence of emails that send out an email each day to the prospect showing them the product they looked at. Alternatively, you can just send them content and offers.

Tip: Don’t sound salesly or seem pushy in your emails. Just try to add value! 

#2: Abandoned Cart Sequences:  

This is Gold when it comes to getting more sales from the same traffic. Many people will place a product in your cart, and put in some info then exit before buying. Shopify has an email service within its backend that allows you to set up a series of emails to send your abandoned cart list. 

Each email (usually I send 3-5 emails over 3-4 days) should be a call to action to come back to the site and buy the product. 

So when you implement these 4 eCommerce Traffic Secrets and you implement it in the order of how I listed it out, you can expect to see amazing and massive conversion. 

If you’re new to eCommerce and you’re looking to build your first store and you’re thinking of investing in some course, be sure you pay attention to what they say about traffic. If they don’t mention the 4 traffic secrets or the buyer journey, then do not invest. 

I not only use my 4 eCommerce Traffic Secrets in my own 7 FIgure Stores, but I teach it to my clients every day that go through my High-Profit eCommerce Training Program. 

This can also work if you have any type of physical product store or even an info product course or coaching program you want to sell online. 

My hope is you take a look at High Ticket /High-Profit eCommerce as your method of building financial freedom and achieving the lifestyle business you deserve. 

If you enjoyed this message today, please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and like this video. 

If you want to learn more about High Ticket eCommerce and how to start your own business in the next 21 days without marketing skills or tech skills, I encourage you to watch my “Done for You Store Launch” video. Afterward, complete a short survey to see if we’re a good fit!

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