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Uncategorized Jul 18, 2017

We’ve all heard about Dropship eCommerce to one degree or another, although some of it is true, a lot isn’t and as a matter of fact most of it is just border line fiction.


So let’s go over all the Mistakes & Myths I hear about and have seen people believe that has prevented them from succeeding or even getting started with Drop Shipping.


Mistake #1  

Taking Tips from Forums and strangers and applying it to your own business. I can’t tell you how many people come to me and ask me where they went wrong… and you know what I feel them because I used to do this.Nothing guarantees success as much as doing the leg work yourself (or having a mentor or pro guide you to finding the right niche)Learn the right way… build the right skills… work hard and don’t give up. But learn the skills yourself don’t shortcut the process.

When I was 16 years old to stay out of trouble (because I lived in a pretty rough area of houston) my uncle convinced me to look into investing in the stock market even though I didn’t know anything about the stock market… I have to admit at 16 in the 90’s i didn’t even know what the stock market was or how it works… (ok..ok I still don’t know how it really works,  like why the hell is the dow over 20,000 right now i’ve been waiting for a crash for 8 years man!)  Anyway I convinced a few family member to invest $20,000 with me when I was 16 years old to invest in something I knew nothing about, no track record, no experience and not even old enough to open my own account.

I promise one day I’ll create a course on the “Art of Selling yourself” to get anything you want out of life!  The point to the story is  my Uncle (bless his heart) would get stock tips from a friend of a friend and would instruct me to invest based on those stock tips …. I saw people on online forums stealing stock tips and literally investing their own hard earned money on those tips in hopes of making a quick return.

That was the fastest way I saw people lose it all. And i mean all, because if you have the mindset to invest your own money on a Goddamn Tip from a stranger you’ve never met you deserve to lose your money (that’s just my opinion)

So many people do the same thing with Dropship eCommerce…


Mistake #2

Obsessing over the name of your drop ship store… I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and J and say guys should I call it this, or this or this or this…. I feel them, because i used to do this.. But here’s the thing that i want you to take away from this.

The name of your store doesn’t matter at all.. The branding, the positioning, the service and quality of what you’re offering is what matters the most.  The only thing that matters is that the domain you do pick is available that’s it.  Don’t focus on this first focus on this last.


Mistake number #3 Not Having A Niche Specific Store:

Your store shouldn’t be the mall of all stores. It needs to cater to a specific niche and demographic, you want to be specific as the type of person that your product is for and build a store around their needs and niche.  When you try to offer products that are not niche specific with High ticket dropshipping you’re going to lose out slowly and you’ll never really get traction.

Why do we want niche specific and narrow demographics ? because we want to build passionate customers out of our site and when we cater exclusively to people that have a specific need and you do a great job catering to them they’ll appreciate you for it and tell their friends and when you do branch out to other niches you can count on them to follow you if they have a desire in the next niche store you create.


Mistake #4.  
Someone Else has already created a Niche store in what you want to do and sell!”

This is classic by the way and i hear it all the time.  My answer to that is Good …. Good! Because if someone has already created something similar that means there is a market for it! And you don’t have to try to validate if it will work?  Think about how many receipt books are out there for cooking?  Yet every day a new cook book comes out because people have an appetite for cooking well and better and they’ll give your cook book a chance if it looks good. (aka your store.)  Again it’s a great sign that it a good niche and you can do it differently than them


Mistake #5
Running and Gunning (forgetting the foundation)

To many people rush to launch a store by slapping it together without building the foundation of understanding who their target market is, really deep diving into the winning niche and understanding why.

Building a store with good foundation for the niche, your target market, your store layout for conversion and optimization will allow you to drive very effective targeted traffic campaigns and allow you to build rapport with your customers when they visit.

Remember people buy based on emotion and not logic so if you build a store that looks copied and pasted and rushed they’ll “feel it” I swear they will…. You might get people to your store but they won’t buy from you.

So spend the time to understand your niche, your target demographics and build a foundation around them to make sure your store has a great chance for success long term.  So my advise is take your time and go through the foundation of your launch.


Mistake #6 Getting In Your Own Way

Focusing unessarily on the backend of your business like incorporating and taxes… I see this time and time again.. People just can’t get out of their own way (not everyone but there are many many who do)

They find reasons not to move forward and self sabotage themselves.  One very very common way i’ve seen this is  By thinking about the hassle and cost and logistics of finding their incorporation and dealing with taxes… so they start asking and trying to figure this out because they ever launch the damn business!  Why…. Why would you worry about something that might not ever materialize anyway?

If you get to the point where you truly have to worry about taxes that means you’re making money and your profitable which is a good problem to have.. Deal with it later on not now, and when it comes to incorporating, yes that is important but that shouldn’t hold you back from taking action and launching your store.

Just form a DBA (doing business as) which cost like $50 bucks and start doing business.. When you start to make money go file your incorporation as an LLC (my suggestion) hire an attorney if you don’t know how or go to legalzoom but don’t worry about this stuff upfront.  Yet time and time again i’ve seen people stop themselves from moving forward because they start thinking about this upfront instead of after they’ve already made money.  

Same goes for my international friends…. Let’s get your business up and running the right way then start looking at legal and incorporating and taxes… but now before.


Mistake #7
Throwing up a store quickly and drive traffic for a short period of time then give up when you don’t see results.  

Not Actually launching and start driving traffic and testing the traffic for a period of time. You cannot just throw up a store and drive a little traffic and expect people to start flying by and buying out everything on your site.  Bottom line it’s not as simple as just hey here it is go buy go to the sales page and go buy.

I’m going to share with you a far better approach you can do over and over again.  Not only will you drive traffic but you’ll get the right type of customer and you’ll see what you need to do to pivot to continue to grow.


Mistake #7 Self-Sabotage:
This to me is by far the most important part… as a matter of fact it’s so important that I focus on this before teaching anyone anything period!  You subconsciously tell yourself it’s not going to work and doubt yourself every step of the away

Look you don’t have to be Mr. super positive say a billion positive affirmations and believe in fairies but you do have to have a positive mindset.  I have talked on the phone and via email with thousands of people One on One and i would say every single time the number #1 reason they fail and don’t follow through.. Right i’m talking about the underlying problem behind the mistakes…. Is they have a negative mindset.   We’ve been programed to believe that money doesn’t grow on trees.  That nothing comes easy (and they feel like dropship eCommerce although not extremely easy because of the learning curve) they feel like

Drop shipping e Commerce is fairly easy and cheap and because of the way they have been programed they start having a negative feeling and mindset about it… and start justifying this negativity by self sabotaging their attempt to success.

You see they feel like they have to be right so unconsciously they do things that will prove them right.  Like when they just slap a site together and copy someone else and it doesn’t work… they say you see it doesn’t work nothing comes easy and money doesn’t grow on trees.  Or they don’t build the right foundation and launch the store not understanding their niche or target demographics they say oh you see, i knew this wasn’t going to work.

The entire time during their launch they had a subconscious mindset that it wasn’t going to work and guess what happens when you tell yourself you’re not going to win….. That’s right you won’t win. You will fail when you feel you will feel.

Now it’s not enough to just say you’ll succeed and pretend to be positive you truly have to believe it, feel like because you can’t cheat the universe and the universe dishes what you give it.  Give it a true belief that you will succeed and this will work and I can almost promise you that it will.

So how about some Myths?

Myth = a little different then mistakes


Myths = hold you back (like negative mindset)


Myth #1
“Who am I to convince people to buy from my own website”  I’m not an eCommerce entrepreneur?”

Guys get that out of your head…. The only difference between you and the drop shippers and eCommerce owners making millions is just the skill to do it, but nothing else everyone started the same.

Myth #2
“The Technology is going to be hard slash  confusing”  

Oh boy,  the common thing is how will i build my store how will i list my products, how I don’t know how to code… what platform do i use what email system how do i get them to buy how do i collect payments it’s all so confusing…  I’m not a tech person and even if i can build my own site will they actually buy for me?

I gotta be honest with you it took me some figuring and and trial and errors to get it right. But later on I’ll give you a spoiler alert … I shouldn’t tell you this but I will because you need to know.

There will be an opportunity and invitation to join my step by step program to teach you how to do all this and as part of the program we’ll be covering the technology .. It’s cool if you’re not interested  but I thought you should know.

Getting the right help and guidance is going to help you over come the Tech stuff… that’s why I offer to my community a monthly coaching call I provide to members of Drop Ship Academy program.  It’s insane… I even have stepped in and had my team do a Done For You where we build out the store and set up there first traffic campaign..  I’ll tell you about that at some point but it’s not out there because with a Done for You I can only handle so many students and i’m a perfectionist when it comes to making sure my students succeed especially if i’m stamping my name to their site launch.

Even if you do it yourself you can hire cheap VA’s to do it for you and I show you how to do that.  So there is no excuse to get it done.

Myth # 3  
“I can’t do this.  It is too overwhelming./ confusing/ takes to much time!”

Fist of i have to tell you a little spoiler alert and preview.. In my Complete Dropship Academy  Course.  I’m going to break it down for you completely step by step literal hand holding step 1 step 2 things like that so you don’t get confused.  Plus I’m going to pair that up with a monthly coaching call with yours truly to walk you through the pain points and obstacles ..

I’ll tell you right now does it take work to find a niche, call suppliers get approved and launch your store.. Ya… it does take work but you know what ?  you wouldn’t be here If you were scared of work.  This isn’t about taking 2 sec to get it up and going, but i’ll tell you it is nowhere near as confusing as you think If you break it down into very simple steps and don’t go on to the next steps until you complete the steps before it… you can do this it is no reason to hold you back.

When I got started I had no roadmap or blueprint to get this up and running the right way and the programs i did get into didn’t hand hold me with monthly coaching calls and break it down as simple as i do here.  Anyway that’s for a latter time

Myth #4  
My site has to be perfect!  No!

Perfection is what hold you back from success… yes build a high quality store yes take your time yes get it right but get out of your head that your site has to be perfect!  No one is going to be laughing at you and say oh my god look how stupid there store is… no one is going to do that so don’t worry about it just get started.  But also moving quickly at the same time.

So get that out of your head.  When it comes to learning the skills to drop ship online is people get overwhelmed with all the information they have to learn… . I also see trainers and courses make mistakes when it comes to teaching new skills.  Because i’ve invested thousands myself in self-improvement and learning new skills for business… I know when a course is great and when it’s terrible..

You see when it comes to getting started in the learning process and actually building your store… I take you step by step beginning with breaking down everything by phases.

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