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8 Quick Tips for Landing Premium Suppliers

One of the most common questions in the high-ticket dropshipping business is how to find suppliers, or how to get premium suppliers to approve you. 

This is one of the key steps to creating a successful and smooth-running dropshipping system. 

If you’re looking to up your game in dropshipping, then high-ticket dropshipping is what you should be looking towards. 

High-ticket drop shipping allows you to earn a lot more profit per product – every time.

In this article, I’m going to share with you my eight tips for finding and securing high-ticket, quality domestic suppliers so you can begin building a dropshipping store that will lead you to true dropshipping success.

Your 8 Quick Tips 

If you’re part of the Elite Drop Ship Academy Program or if you’re part of the Done for You Program where my team and I build your entire store, including suppliers, niche and traffic while earning you $10,000 per month, you likely already have everything you need. 

However, if you haven’t yet, finding and winning suppliers to approve you with high-ticket dropshipping can seem really frustrating when you’re just starting out. 

Which is why I’m here. 

Here are my 8 quick tips to finding and winning high-ticket dropship suppliers. 

Tip #1: Don’t Search on Google

First thing’s first, don’t use Google to find dropship suppliers.

This is because you’re going to find a lot of unhelpful posts from people who will sell you dropshipping lists online, or who are the middlemen, meaning they sell the idea that they can dropship for you, without being the manufacturer. 

They key here is working directly with manufacturers. Not middlemen. 

Tip #2: Look to Your Competitor’s Stores

Next tip is to find your suppliers from investigating your competitors’ stores. This is the simplest and most effective way to find and get suppliers. 

To do this, research your competitors and check to see the suppliers of their products that are over $1,000, as that’s what you’ll be looking for in high-ticket dropshipping. 

Once you’ve found the name of the supplier through the products, Google the supplier’s name or the product’s manufacturer. However, before you reach out to them, you want to make sure that they’ll accept your partnership. 

To ensure this, you first need to have a demo store – or a Shopify store. You’ll need this because you want your potential new supplier to know you mean business. 

Next, give them a call and follow-up with an email. These days, many people avoid using the phone, but the truth is, if you want to sell $1,000 products and earn $300-600 in profit, you need to become comfortable using the phone. So, call and email your desired supplier several times.

Tip #3: Trust is Key 

It’s all about trust. 

Suppliers want to feel that they can trust you with their brand, product, and customers. This means you need to build that trust through your conversations and the attitude you present to them. 

Since high-ticket dropshipping is building a successful business, you want to treat your suppliers the way you would interact with any other professional business or brand-building situation  – with respect. 

To start building this solid foundation of trust, you need to do a bit of research: Understand their history, their product and why you align well as a reseller for their product.

This will impress them right off the bat. 

Tip #4: Don’t Say You’re a Dropshipper

Once you’re prepped for your phone call, remember to not say you’re a dropshipper. While dropshipping is alive and successful, many people misunderstand the term “dropshipping” since you’re technically a reseller. 

The manufacturer is the dropshipper so you don’t want to confuse them right off the bat or make it seem like you’re inexperienced. 

Trip #5: Tell Them You’re an Internet/Online Reseller

Make sure to mention that you’re only an online reseller, as in you don’t have a brick and mortar store. Make sure you tell them you would like to become an authorized reseller. 

This is the key phrase they’re looking for. This is because when you work with quality domestic suppliers, they need to have you sign an authorized reseller agreement due to MAP, or minimum advertised price – a point they use in their agreement that states you cannot promote a product or advertise it for less than their minimum price. 

Tip #6: Don’t Say This is Your First Store 

Telling anyone that it’s your first time doing something can create skepticism. 

Instead, if you’re a member of my High-Ticket Dropshipping Academy Course, tell the supplier that you’re a member. If you’re not yet, you don’t have permission to do this, and the supplier will likely figure out you haven’t been trained. 

Think about the faux pas of interviews with potential employers. You always want to put your best foot forward, which means telling them what you’ve done – not what you haven’t done. 

So, instead of telling the potential new supplier that you’re new to the game, tell them that you have a team of experts (marketers, ad guys, Google guys, researchers, customer support members) and that you’re referring to AJ (me).

So, try this:

"I have a team of experts on my team. My team launches niche specific stores and we like to create a new store for your niche because we're interested in your product and services and we're going to build a specific store for selling your niche and we're going to have other suppliers." 

Make them aware that you’re planning on calling other suppliers, it will help you seem like less of a newbie and more of a professional in the dropshipping business. 

By referencing my team and I, you’ll also be able to prove your trustworthiness, professionalism, and expertise. 

And, again, if you’re not already a member, don’t reference me as it will lead to a lot of trouble. 

This is another reason why if you're hungry for more knowledge (and profit) you should become a member, and Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with everything you need to know about high-ticket dropshipping success.

Tip #7: Be Wary of Cheap Suppliers 

Watch for cheap suppliers. These are the ones who don’t answer your phone calls. Instead, you get voicemail with no call-backs. 

More red flags are if the supplier:

Asks you to buy a few products in advance

  • Charges fees
  • Doesn’t ask to see your store
  • Doesn’t attempt to vet you 
  • Doesn’t ask you to sign a reseller agreement or ask you about MAP (minimum advertised price)

If your potential new supplier checks off any of these red flag signals, they’re likely not a quality domestic supplier. Make sure you stay away from them. 

These “cheap suppliers” are likely not high-ticket, high-quality domestic suppliers, who will approve anyone – and you’re not getting into the business to be just anyone.

Tip #8: Find a Winning Niche

The truth is:

You only need to find one winning niche. Then, within that niche, you’ll have access to thousands of products that are sourceable from dozens of different suppliers. 

A single, truly winning niche can bring in over $100,000 per month when done correctly. 

This is a fact.

Another truth is: everyone is selling what everyone else is selling. 

Finding a winning niche also involves avoiding this slippery slope that many first-timers get caught in. Instead, you want to make sure you’re going in the opposite direction. To do that, look for low competition products that include plenty of suppliers to contact.

Your goal is to find a high-ticket niche that is connected to dozens of different suppliers, while remaining unique and better than your competition, avoiding copying your competition at all costs.

Your Next Move 

If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by all of this, don’t worry. 

Knowledge is power. 

By learning more about suppliers and how to launch your own high-ticket dropshipping business profitably, this training session is an absolute must. In this online and completely free training session, I teach you everything you need to know about starting up your own successful dropshipping store in just 90 minutes.

Why is it free, you ask?

It’s made entirely to help you build your dropshipping empire with the proper foundation in the shortest amount of time possible to continue building this community of high-ticket and high-quality dropshippers that truly mean business. 

For regular updates, tips, and inside information on high-ticket dropshipping success, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can have 1-on-1 mini-training sessions with me personally. Your next move is up!

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