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Uncategorized Jul 19, 2017

I always get asked how many stores did I start before I broke through… most people imagine that I just launched 1 store and made a Million on my first try and that’s just not the case at ALL!  This subject made me curious about how many stores my previous students with my last Drop Shipping eLearning company launched stores that failed before succeeding..  In other words I wanted to know how many stores they launched on average before failing.

My number was 4! 4 failed stores before breaking through and succeeding with my High Tickets store.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t give up.  What about everyone else?

I think you’re in for a little surprise.

In Drop Shipping and really any business I’ve ever been involved with, Failure is part of the success process… 90% of people in my restaurant businesses failed before they succeeded and what I found out is that is also the case with Drop Shipping.

So If you have failed with a store before, congratulations you’re on you’re way to SUCCESS! isn’t that funny to think of it in such a  way, that failure is success?

Failure Is Part Of The Process.

Here at Elite Drop Ship Academy, I am always telling my members to remove the thought of giving up from their thinking process… like it shouldn’t even exists in your mind.  Honestly when people enroll in our courses and start asking about refund policies I get worried…. not because I don’t honor it.  As a matter of fact I probably have the most generous refund policy around!  It’s just that I have almost a less then 1% refund rate because I make sure my new members understand that you have to remove the idea of giving up and when you start thinking that “Oh well, let me sign up and if it doesn’t work I’ll ask for a refund”  you are already giving up! In other words the word “REFUND” is like “Surrender” and it shouldn’t enter your mind.

Here are some results from a recent questionnaire I sent out to my old members…

How Many Stores Did You Launch Until You Succeeded?

30% Are still trying to be successful but are very close
37% did it in 1 store
11% Own multiple Drop Ship Stores
22% Did it in 2 stores
Yes that is correct, 70% of my old members succeeded with my High Ticket DS course & Coaching program!

Markus one of my most successful students succeeded with his first store and credits our Done For You Program to help him get their, Today he has multiple stores he build on his own but credits us building out his first store as the reason why he succeeded in the first place.

CLICK HERE to read Markuses Case Study: 

“It was the first time I can remember saying this stuff actually makes sense, so I went with my gut and trusted AJ with my future”

Business is all about perseverance (never give up!). The reason drop shipping is superior to other types of businesses is because it cost so little to start. That means that even if you fail the first time, you can choose a new niche and start a new store.

On top of being affordable, once you’ve gone through the process it’s easier to build your next store. That’s because the process is laid out in a clear repeatable way (so why not repeat it)!

Because it’s so easy to get started most of our members decide to launch multiple stores.

Honestly, drop shipping is like having a reset button that you can keep pressing until you get the results you want.

Now let’s talk about the 30% of our members that are still working hard to be successful.  You know with any business not everything goes perfect and not 100% of your members will be very successful immediately sometimes it takes months or years.

I know of McDonalds Franchisees, Shopping Center Owners and more that still aren’t successful even though they are operating a highly desirable and proven business model.

Remember It took me 4 failed stores before I figured it out. Some of our most successful members started with failed stores. Like Monica L.

“Yeah My First Store Sucked Ass”
Our growing community is what will make Elite Drop Ship Academy such a success for your journey to prosperity and financial freedom.

So if you are just starting out, or haven’t found success in drop shipping yet, don’t stress it. Just keep trying! You can always launch a new niche and repeat the process for very little upfront cost to you.

To encourage you and the community to ignore their fears of failing we have the perfect tool. Now you can reduce your chances of failure, with our Master list of 199 product niche ideas you can copy today. This is hands-down the quickest way to find your next niche fast.

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