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In 2019, Opening Up Your Own Drop Shipping Store Has Never Been Easier!

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Store On Shopify In Minutes!

In today’s world, technology has made the impossible, possible. In addition, it’s allowed businesses to take advantage of the digital space to more effectively market their goods and services, identify new target markets and demographics who may embrace a new solution, connect with partnering businesses who sell components and system software that drive organizational efficiency, and so much more. And for some business owners, technology has literally served as the catalyst to help them get their businesses off the ground.

In the retail space, eCommerce has propelled us into a whole new realm for shopping. Platforms like Shopify allow entrepreneurs to set up a virtual shopping experience in minutes, all with the ability to offer affordable prices, cutting-edge products, and virtually no overhead costs! Technology, B2B connections, and motivated consumers in the year 2019 have made it all possible, so let’s see how it’s done.

Drop Shipping Businesses

Now, what exactly is drop shipping? Drop shipping is a business model in which business owners can selectively curate a unique offering of products through a web-based eCommerce platform and sell them to interested consumers.

While that sounds pretty straightforward, the fact of the matter is that drop shipping business owners actually incur very little, if any overhead costs! How? Because drop shipping does not require any inventory, nor does it require storage or warehousing expenses, and in most cases, it doesn’t even require a staff.

And if you launch your business through a platform like Shopify, you can have your new store up and running within minutes. It’s literally that simple!


Shopify is the epitome of a drop shipping platform. In fact, it’s been optimized to fully support new and emerging drop shipping business, and they offer a wide variety of readings, articles, and guides to help you set up your business through their platform and launch it quickly and easily!

Getting started is as easy as creating an account and signing up for a free 14-day trial with Shopify, this will give you ample time to see if immersing yourself into the world of drop shipping is the right fit for you and your business idea. Next, you’ll be introduced to your dashboard, where you can begin to design your website theme, fonts, colors, branding, etc.

With high ticket dropshipping you're able to find a niche that can resell for thousands of dollars, secure suppliers and once you have suppliers on board you use Shopify to load up your products and build your store around. If you want to learn more about finding a High Ticket niche that can resell for thousands online without buying inventory click the link here to our 7 step process to finding the prefect niche.

A New Market For New Business Owners

Shopify and the world of drop shipping offer a brand new marketplace that is ripe for exploration. If you’re interested in launching your own business, but are hesitant about the overhead costs, why not give the drop shipping business model a shot? After all, all of the tools are here for you – it’s now up to you to take advantage!

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