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About Us

Hey all! It’s AJ Jomah and J Keitsu here! Co-founders of 7 Figure Skills. We created 7 Figure Skills to help others like you gain the skills to become successful business owners.

We both come from different backgrounds within the eCommerce space…although our methods are unique we both accomplished pretty awesome results.  AJ sold his store a few years back just 8 months after launching it for over half a Million dollars.  J currently has 2 successful Drop Ship Stores that are currently doing around $5 Million each! (way to kill it J!)

No matter your background or what walks of life you come from, we all have the same abilities to prosper and generate real income while living the lifestyle of our choice.

Money is important to make those dreams come true and we realized Drop Ship eCommerce (using our methods) are the fastest and most realistic not to mention honorable way to build a 7 figure business.

So we created a community of entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches and combined it with some of the very best up to date advanced e-learning courses (all video) to help you build and run a very profitable semi-automated Drop Ship eCommerce business of your own.

We both have our unique proven methods so we partnered up to provide you the most transparent and up to date information out there! We are both constantly seeking new knowledge and adapting to the ever changing playing field of E-commerce and more!

We’d like to tell our stories here today and how we became successful 7 Figure business owners. Pick a story below:

J Keitsu’s Success Story – He likes eating sweetcorn.

AJ’s Success Story – He likes eating filet mignon.


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