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5 Quick Tips to Build Wealth, Start an Online/Offline Business, Save Money, and Fix Your Credit

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020

A New Series of Blogs

Welcome everybody to my blog. This is AJ Jomah and I'm coming to you live from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm going to start broadcasting and blogging every single week and sharing it on the website, iTunes, Spotify, our YouTube channel. Hopefully, we'll plaster it all over the place.

I'm a little nervous. I'm excited. I hope you get a lot of value from this. What I'm going to do is share, discuss, teach, and interview around the subject of wealth creation. I’m going to talk about the skill sets that are required to build wealth, start online businesses, offline businesses, save money, and fix your credit. These are skill sets that the affluent have, and the skill sets that they successful have that will help you transform your situation, your lifestyle, and allow you to build the financial freedom that you want for yourself and for your family.

Hello from Las Vegas!

Now, it's a cold, beautiful day here in Las Vegas, and I'm staying at the Wynn Hotel right now. I got comped to stay here. I got an email just yesterday. I was in Austin, Texas working from my home office at the time. I got an email saying, "AJ, this is the Wynn Hotel. We're comping for your room if you come in the next week." I said, "Why not?" and I hopped on a flight.

I booked the flight using my points from my credit card, so it was a free first-class flight. I got this suite here overlooking the Wynn golf course. It’s pretty remarkable, because literally 24 hours ago, I didn't even know I wanted to come to Vegas. But because of this, the comps and the free perks, I just said, "Why not?"

That's the power of building a lifestyle business you can do from anywhere. I want to show you guys today how I do this. I’ll tell you how I leverage comps, how I leverage free things, how I leverage points to get things for free that I would otherwise pay a lot of money for. This is one of the benefits of owning an online business.

Now, if you guys are not familiar with what I do currently, one of the things I do is I teach people, help people, coach people; and I even have an eCommerce agency that allows people to build online businesses through drop shipping- but we drop ship high ticket, expensive products from direct manufacturers. The products are usually in the United States. We have clients all over the world, over 2000 clients that take my training course or have joined our services like our Done For You Program.

So without further ado, let's go ahead and get started!

I'm a single guy. I began my day saying, "okay, what do I want to do today?" Obviously, I have to do some work. As I was going through my inbox, I got this email saying, "hey, would you like to come to Vegas? It's going to be completely comped at the Wynn Hotel." I jumped on it. I jumped on my reward points, and had plenty of points to book a first-class flight.

Talking Points for Today

There's a few things I want to go over today- not just how to get points and how to leverage your online business to get a lot of cool things for free, but I'm also going to share five things with you today.

  1. My 2020 e-commerce predictions for e-commerce online businesses and high ticket drop shipping.

  2. What to do when you actually get traffic to your high ticket drop shipping store, but you're getting zero sales. What do you do? And I'm going to give you three tips there.

  3. Three most important things that my client is doing right now, who's generating two and a half million dollars a year in sales. Yes, I have a client that's doing two and a half million dollars a year in sales annually from high ticket drop shipping. And I want to share three things that I think he's doing right, that if you were to take these tips and suggestions might help you in your business. 

  4. What to do when suppliers say no to you.

  5. I want to share a recent success story from a client of mine that did recently $100,000 in sales.

Alright, let's get started. I hope you’re excited and anxious to read what I have to say that could potentially benefit you.

Every day, our high ticket drop shipping clients and members are using points that they earn from credit cards. Points that are created after placing orders with suppliers. They're using their credit cards to pay those suppliers for the products even though the revenue and the money's already in their account because the customer's already paid you, right? With high ticket drop shipping, customer pays you, your merchant service sends the money to your account and the money's in your funds within 24 hours. You turn around, you have that money, you pay your supplier your discounted price and they ship the product, warehouse it, fulfill it, the whole nine yards.

Well, good news is when you pay for credit card, you can start earning points, so we're going to go over some of that. When you run traffic, when you pay expenses, put it on your credit card.

Now there's some credit cards you want to use, some credit cards you don't. What do I mean by this? For example, I calculated my four-day stay here at the Wynn Hotel. I'm going to be here for four days. My flight, they comped me a few buffets and these buffets here are like $50 each buffet, for my first class ticket, all came to about $7,500 in total. That's what you and anyone else would pay to get this kind of package, right? Yet I got it absolutely free because of my high ticket drop shipping business, literally, and the perks I get from using my business credit cards to pay for expenses I would have to pay for anyway.

The Top Three Credit Cards I Recommend

There are three cards that I recommend:

The first one, this is probably the best one, is Capital One 360 Business Card. It gives you the best money back. I think it's like 2% or two and a half percent. Love it. You'll stack up points quickly.

Credit card number two is Chase Sapphire. That's a really good business credit card to use to put expenses on, your traffic, your orders, anything else. Even if you're paying a consultant and you're paying him through a credit card, anything.

And number three is the AMEX Business Credit Card.

If you're lucky enough to apply and qualify for these cards, and start placing orders and using this card for payment for the products and services that you use in your business, then you're going to start building these perks just like I did. You’ll start getting comps, start getting rewards to use for anything.

I mean, I've used it to go to Mexico. I've used it to go to Asia, and on first class flights. It's a really good way to stack the value in your business, okay? There's so much more than just making profits. There's also all these backend perks if you do it right.

If you're not a 7-Figure Skills Drop Ship Academy Member, I recommend you guys enroll into one of those programs or watch my training on how that works and decide if you want to be a part of it. If you are a member, thank you for listening and I hope this gives you some great tips. But again, if you're not, I really suggest you go to my free training. Watch it. At the end, I'll tell you how I can help you implement this stuff and you decide.

My 2020 E-commerce and Online Business Predictions

1. My predictions are, number one: Suppliers will start getting a little bit tougher on resellers. Resellers are people like you and me who want to resell their products on our website. You have to start showing a really good store and show them you're serious and really present them with the case that you're going to help them make money.

A lot of the people that are coming in that are half-assing this, that are not taking this serious, they don't know what to say, how to say it, they are not showing them a demo store, they don't sound like they know what they're doing, they're going to get rejected, they're going to lose motivation, they're going to give up.

Luckily, my community has my phone and email script. They have my list of suppliers. They have negotiating tactics on what to say so they sound like they know what they're doing, even if they're brand new and they're getting approved a lot easier.

2. Prediction number two is Facebook, in my belief, will start banning a lot more drop shippers from advertising on Facebook platform. They’ve already started to do this. Luckily for us with high ticket drop shipping, what I teach in my program and what we do is 90% of our revenue come from Google shopping ads. A lot of times we don't even rely on Facebook- maybe just for retargeting. Be careful there, because I do see a scenario where most of these drop shippers are going to start being banned from Facebook and won't be able to get traffic.

The businesses I'm referring to are people selling cheap products, cheap gimmicks, things that show up broken or they're coming from China and taking two, three, four months to show up or not showing up at all. Facebook knows that people who buy the products because of an ad they saw on their platform are going to judge Facebook too, so they're banning these folks.

3. Prediction number three is Amazon resellers. I have a very big prediction that Amazon will start pushing out more and more resellers out of their platform and ecosystem as they continue to monopolize the market with their own products, private labeling products directly from manufacturers, or just manufacturing products themselves. They've already started doing that at a much higher pace.

4. Number four is more people are going to wait to buy online businesses versus, buying brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, franchises, agencies, whatever it is, right? Anything that's in the brick and mortar space, more and more people are going to start buying businesses online- and there's a few reasons for that.

Banks are starting to allow the people to finance online businesses, which was unheard of because you need assets when you go to the bank. For instance, if you're buying in a restaurant, they'll finance it because there's equipment, there's real estate, there's assets they can sell if you don't pay. But now they're seeing the power of internet marketing, the power of online businesses, and they're allowing folks to finance businesses for 10% down.

More and more people are willing to pay us, drop shippers, internet resellers that build these businesses, a lot of money to take over it so that they don't have to do the hard work. Because they want what you guys want: online passive income opportunity, and to work from anywhere. It's much better than a brick and mortar business where it's location dependent, and where they got to clock in. So those are my predictions on what's going to happen in 2020 with e-commerce.

Traffic... But Zero Sales?

What do you do when you're starting to get traffic, but you get zero sales- or maybe you get one sale? The number one thing I would recommend is tracking where your visitors are going on your website first. My recommendation, if you don't already have this, is to use something like a Shopify app called Hotjar. You can go to to learn more. There is a plugin for Shopify and it shows you heat signals on where the majority of people are going on your website.This is important because it tells you the habits of people on your website.

Download and add this plugin into your Shopify store. If they are clicking away from your store within less than two seconds, then it could mean you're targeting the wrong people. It could be many things, right? You'll want to start evaluating- am I targeting the wrong people? Maybe it's just not the right person because they're going to my website and they're be leaving quickly. It can also mean your store is not trustworthy, or it doesn't display the products. When they click on that link, if they don't see the product that they saw on the ad, they're going to walk away. You got to make sure it's the same image, the same product, the same price that they saw on Google shopping. That can all be a big part of it.

Another thing is it could mean your prices are not in line with your competitors, so be careful. You got to make sure you're competitive. Now you can be a little bit more pricier, but you got to be competitive in other areas.

Finally, it could mean you're not responding to emails, you're not responding to live chat, maybe your abandoned cart sequences are not triggering. Those are all optimization things but also service things. At the end of the day, this is a business, and you have to treat it like one.

How to Do Two and a Half Million Dollars in Sales

I want to extract some tips from my client who's doing two and a half million dollars a year in sales drop shipping high ticket products. Now this guy's at another level. However, when he started out, he was doing one sale every other day... than one sell a day, then two sales a day, then three sales. Now he's doing anywhere from a one sale to 10 cells a day drop shipping products that he sells for a thousand up to $5,000 per item.

1. Tip number one I got from this client (who prefers to be anonymous and I respect his privay) is he treats his business like a real business. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, was famous for going to his competitor stores across the street. He would go inside, see their prices, see the reaction from customers, see how they display products, and go back to his store and make changes, and drop his prices. He was constantly spying on his competition and making his products better. That made him one of the most successful people in the history of the world, right

My client always spies on his competitors to make sure he's competitive on his pricing, on his shipping and on his services, and that his product images stand out and look more unique than his competitors. You do want to stand out. You don't want to look just like your competitor, and that's important. To do that you got to go above and beyond just listening to your suppliers and uploading the same products they send to everyone else.

2. Tip number two I learned from him, is he pivots. Now, he shoots then aims, right? He doesn't sit there, wait for everything to be perfect. He starts testing. He'll secure suppliers, upload products, and run after those products for 30 days or longer. He then removes the products in the ads that are not converting, that are not selling, and shifts has ads towards the products that are selling to get more sales.

Also, he pivots when he's got a dud. If he's got a niche that's not getting any sales, he'll literally shut down the store, pick a new niche, call new suppliers, change the logo, upload new products and launch again; and he does it quickl-, literally within 30 days to 60 days tops.

3. Tip number three, he invests in getting better. He invests in mentors, mastermind groups, and goes outside of even my program to smarter people for traffic, conversion, copywriting. Now, before he even hit his first $10,000 in sales with his first online high ticket drop shipping store, he had already invested $30,000 in trainings, masterminds, mentors. Today he spends anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a year. He’ll reinvest it in his skills in having mentors like myself, and coaches and going to the best events in the world, where the top guys are there teaching you the best stuff. Those are the three tips from my most successful client doing two and a half million dollars a year in sales.


What To Do When a Supplier Says No

If you're not a member, you don't know this. But if you are, you do. We look for niches that allow us to call at least 20 suppliers that are drop ship friendly. Suppliers, they want a reason to not approve you. We don't want to give them that reason. But in reality, we can't control every supplier.

Now, in my method I teach that you need five to ten suppliers per store, per niche, per store. That's kind of the magic number I've noticed works. When you have twentie suppliers, that's okay if the first one says no, even the second one. If ten of them say no, but five or ten say yes, you're still good to go. It's okay to be rejected. But if you're rejected too much then, and let's say you're rejected by every supplier, then you need a pivot and go to a different niche. Start calling those suppliers until you start securing suppliers. That's what you should do when you're getting stuck, and getting no’s.

Another thing could be, maybe you're just saying the wrong things, they don't trust you- you don't sound credible. You don't have a demo store. Of course, if you're a member of my community and you have my seven-figure skills, one sale a day drop shipping system, then you have my Shopify theme, you have my Shopify design course and my blueprint on exactly what to do, how to say it, what to say, my phone and email script. That's a big part of why we're more successful than people who just kind of try to get lucky and do it on their own.


Another Massive Success Story

I have another recent success story of a client that did $100,000. Recently, one of my members shared his store results on our Facebook group where he showed a screenshot of his sales of $101,000 drop shipping really, really high ticket products and they sell anywhere from a thousand to about seven, $8,000 per product. Tommy didn't give up and believed in my system and stuck with it. Tommy if you’re reading this, I want you on my podcast and on my blog.

Guys, if you're not part of my high ticket, one sale a day system, my coaching program, my training system or anything like that, I really encourage you to give it a try.

If you want to go through a great training right now with me, where I share my screen and go over my top strategies and how my clients are doing well and show you how to start an online business, then head over to

Pick a time to show up. It's a free training. I won't charge you to show up for this training. Set aside about an hour for it. And if you feel like you want my help at the end, I'll tell you how I can help you implement and launch your first online drop shipping business, drop shipping products, where just one sale a day, just one sale. Even if you don't get one sale a day, but usually one sale a day is all you need to build a six figure a year income online while working from anywhere, at anytime, with a wifi and your laptop.

Lastly, I'd love your feedback. If you're listening to me on iTunes, Spotify, or watching this on YouTube please give me a five-star review. I would really appreciate it. It would mean a great deal to me and allow me to look good with obviously on those platforms, but it also gives me the motivation to continue to record this.

Share this with your friends and subscribe to my channel. Go to my free training if you're not part of my community. Let's see if it's right for you. If you're a member, I thank you for your support. Thank you for being a part of my community and I'll see you guys in the next blog. AJ out. 

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