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Google Ads Vs Facebooks, Why Google ads wins

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2017


I sit down and Interview Kurt Prosser, Kurt is a Google Ads Guru my personal Ad Campaign Manager, he also owns Easton Digital in Columbus, Ohio. 

I sat down today with Kurt to discuss why Google Shopping Ads and Google in general is a better place to not only place your ads to find your "Targeted Traffic" but also why it wins over Facebook Dynamic retargeting ads.

Kurt also shares his top 3 tips for beginners launching their first ad campaign using google shopping. 

Kurt will also be teaching our members Advanced Google Ad courses in Elite Drop Ship Academy 2.0

That's right, only if you're an Elite Drop Ship Academy member of course! 


We're closing down new enrollment to Elite Drop Ship Academy this Friday in order to revamp and recreate our entire Online Advanced Course.

Kurt is one of the reasons why Elite Drop Ship Academy online course and coaching program is going to be so amazing. 


Enjoy the video. 


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